UX Design

My Process

As a designer with 20 years of experience, I’ve worked on an array of projects throughout my carrier. In this time have become more and more comfortable working in ambiguity, all while also being able to manage a large scope of complexity.

This means I regularly do the following: Host design workshop, lead design directions, host customer research, create visual designs at all level of fidelity, manage / mentor designers, define customer requirements, create prototypes, host demos, work with large scale teams to refine scope and clarify direction, present designs to leaders (SVP to managers), all while delivering award-winning products to the public.

Hosting a design review workshop.
Award for helping to design Amazon Locker Hub

Do you have any examples?

Yes, In the case of Amazon Hub. I was able to working alongside a group of talented individuals to conceptualize and invent Amazon Locker Hubs from the ground up. This means, unlike its predecessor. This version of Amazon Locker can accept packages from anyone, anywhere, and they no longer have to just be packages from Amazon. You can find these devices in apartments, hotels, schools, and business all over the world.

More info coming

More details coming soon