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Hi, I'm Joshua. I'm a Senior UX designer at AWS GameTech and am one of the creators and inventors behind Open 3D Game Engine. I hold several pending patents for game engine related technology in areas of Physics, Game Objects, and other complex interface designs. You might have also used my designs before if you have interfaced with Amazon Locker (Hub). This locker technology for picking up and dropping off packages can be seen all over the world. I was one of the designer who help launch this technology from the very beginning. Previous to working at Amazon, I worked for Sony games (SOE), Upper Deck, Teradata, Medimpact and many more. This includes doing cross collaborative projects for Blizzard, WB, and Disney.


As a UX designer who has been working in the visual design industry since the early 2000’s, I have had a great number of opportunities to participate in lots of types of designs. This includes web design, application design, mobile design, animation, 2D/3D games, motion capture, simulations, Interior design, eLearning (Youtube), glass, ceramics, and traditional art. I’m very grateful for the number of opportunities that I have been given. Deep down, I’m a teacher at heart and just love to exploring everything this field has to offer. Above all else, I enjoy sharing my story about the road I’ve traveled, good or bad. I believe that for the world to grow collectively, we need to share and document our learnings so that we can improve on the original and become better tomorrow than we are today.

More About me

As a person outside just being a designer. I have lots of hobbies and interest including, art, interior design, game design, skateboarding, sailing, and music. I’m also a father of 3 three kiddos and husband to a wonderful woman.